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About this minor

As a “Delta Expert”, you’ll know about what is going on in the field of water studies across the globe. You’ll not only learn about the Dutch Delta Programme, but also about other deltas in the world. You’ll undertake a field trip to neighbouring countries and gain a broad knowledge base. Together with water experts, you’ll study hydraulic structures, water treatment and water resources management from an interdisciplinary perspective. You’ll get to design and build your own measuring sensor that focuses on a typical feature of water, and you’ll finish the minor with a research project of your choice.

What will you learn:

  • Through introductory courses, you’ll learn about a wide variety of disciplines relating to water issues.
  • Through excursions and by talking to experts, you’ll learn about key water-related issues.
  • You’ll learn about measuring water characteristics and will get to make your own measurement device.
  • In the research project, you’ll gain in depth-knowledge on a topic of your choice.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the minor, the student is able to:

  • Analyse water related projects on their societal relevance, consequences, alternatives and interdisciplinary links.
  • Compute flows in selected water systems, evaluate and predict responses to natural and anthropogenic changes
  • Make and present a business plan for a water related business
  • Define a research question and set up your own research
  • Learn about measurements and design a measurement device
  • Collect relevant data and literature for a research topic
  • Perform research and report in the format of a scientific article

Teaching method and examination

Lectures, projects

Minor Assessment: Exams, grading of group work or individual work and presentations

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Good to know

Registration for this thematic minor is on a first-come, first-served basis and available places. (No lottery draw).

For whom?

  • All TU Delft BSc students

  • National and international students who wish to learn about water issues or specialise in water issues at a later stage.

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Additional information

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    ECTS 30
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  • Start date

    4 september 2023

    • Ends
      11 februari 2024
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      Block MIN N S1
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