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About this minor

During this interiors minor, students design a (small) exhibition space with a fully detailed fragment of the building or interior. The minor consists of two quarters, each divided into two separate courses: The Design project and the Tools course.

Learning outcomes

During the first quarter, students design a small space for a carefully selected artefact and its users at a specific location in a city (Spaces of Display 1). The Tools Course (Tools for Spaces of Display 1) focuses on specific skills that contribute to a coherent design project. Students learn how to work within the complex combination of these 'tools'. Various workshops and lectures focus on the position of the designer, the relationship to the city, the design of a space within the field of the exhibition branch, and the analysis of reference projects based on relevant themes. Based on a thorough analysis of the location in the city, the choice is made for the artefact/product and a specific user group. This allows the possibility to explore the full range of related interventions.

At the end of Q1 you will:

  • have acquired knowledge, insights and skills in the domains of architectural and interior design, analysis, and presentation;
  • have the skill to establish the connection between idea, function and material elaboration of a small scale design;
  • have knowledge of different cultural and social conditions, and awareness of their implication and effects on architecture and the interior;
  • be able to develop a consistent architectonic / interior design. This covers the materialisation of the overall space as well as the design of a lighting scheme;
  • have developed abilities in the targeted analysis of design precedents and the effective representation and communication of findings, using various representation techniques as well as digital and physical models.

Teaching method and examination

Design project, excursion, lectures and workshops

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Admissible students will be selected based on their BSc programme to achieve an even interdisciplinary group.

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