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About this course

The following topics will be addressed in every installment of the
course: semantic models of behaviour; sequential composition,
parallel composition, abstraction, recursion; structural operational
semantics; behavioural equivalence; congruence; equational process
theories; soundness and completeness of an equational theory with
respect to a semantic model of behaviour; elimination theorem;
fairness. In addition, every year one or two more advanced topics in
process algebra will be addressed (timing, probabilities, mobility, web
services, etc.).

There will be three homework assignments and a final examination. The homework assignments will be graded, and the average grade of the three assignments counts for 30% of your final grade. The final examination counts for 70% of your final grade, and for passing the course the grade for the final examination should be at least 5.0.

Learning outcomes

After completing this course, the student

  • is able to formally specify and reason about behaviour using process algebraic techniques;
  • can formalise the informal semantics of operations on behaviour using the method of structural operational semantics;
  • can differentiate between several notions of behavioural equivalence;
  • can construct semantic models of behaviour according to several different techniques;
  • can reason about the soundness and completeness of an equational theory of processes with respect to a semantic model of behaviour;
  • can read scientific literature in the area of process algebra

Prior knowledge

Familiarity with (formal) logical reasoning, naive set theory, and automata and formal languages is required.

If anything remains unclear, please check the FAQ of TU Eindhoven.


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