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Argumentation BATOrganization logo: Wageningen University & Research

About this course

The course offers students the possibility to practice the skills that are necessary to deliver an oral argumentation in the right context and for the right purpose. It gives theory and tools for scientific argumentation and debate. Observing and assessing one's own argumentation skills will raise awareness on the basis of which improvements can be made. Skills of others (both peers and role models) will be analysed and given peer feedback.
Based on the theory of argumentation, during the meetings, the application of these theories will be discussed. Students learn how to apply the theories in their field of agrotechnology by exercises and practice and examples from the field. Students will actively participate during the sessions.

Learning outcomes

After successful completion of this course, students are expected to be able to:

  • formulate a structured argument, and be able to present that;
  • be able to use scientific sources when presenting and debating;
  • defend a line of argumentation;
  • ask and answer critical questions in a coherent way;
  • give constructive feedback on argumentation techniques of peers;
  • practice together in different scientific debating formats.
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