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About this course

This course aims at providing a detailed overview on immunology of fish and shellfish:

  • history of immunology;
  • antigens;
  • immune organs of fish;
  • inflammation;
  • innate immunity;
  • key cells;
  • cell based innate immune sensing fish;
  • cellular effectors in fish;
  • humoral-based immune sensing in fish;
  • cytokines and chemokines;
  • mhc in fish;
  • ag presentation;
  • t cell response in fish;
  • immunoglobulines of fish;
  • b cell response in fish;
  • hemocytes in shellfish and tissues of
  • their immune system;
  • prr of shellfish;
  • propo in shellfish;
  • coagulation in shellfish;
  • anti-viral mechanisms in shellfish.

Learning outcomes

After successful completion of this course students are expected to (within the limits of the subjects treated) be able to:

  • possesse a broad knowledge at an advanced level in a number of basic disciplines (biology, immunology) relevant to aquaculture;
  • understand the processes ongoing in different forms and systems of aquatic production in relation to disease prevention;
  • understand the ethical issues of animal production and experimentation;
  • design and implement strategies for future development in aquaculture with emphasis on prevention of infectious diseases;
  • interact with peers, with various stakeholders in the aquaculture sector, and with a general public concerning personal research, thoughts, ideas, and research proposals, both written and orally.

Prior knowledge

Assumed Knowledge:
General Biology, Microbiology, Basic knowledge on Aquaculture.

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  • Credits
    ECTS 4
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