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About this course

This course offers students a theoretical background in the domain of learning, education, and teaching at an introductory level. The course focuses on teaching and learning in formal education settings (and less on organizational contexts) in the Netherlands and beyond. We will discuss fundamental themes, and put education in a theoretical andsocietal perspective. Students are expected to apply teaching and learning theory in assignments that will be discussed in the course.

Learning outcomes

After successful completion of the course, students are expected to be able to:

  • describe essential theories with regard to topics such as: introduction to learning theories, epistemological perspectives in education, ethics in education and equality in education;
  • translate these essential theories to the educational system(s) in their home country;
  • apply these essential theories to in-class assignments;
  • write an individual paper in which they explain their vision on one a topic within one of the themes discussed in class.
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  • Start date

    8 januari 2024

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      2 februari 2024
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      Period 3
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      1 Jun, 00:00 - 26 Nov 2023
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