Artificial Intelligence, Business & Innovation


Over deze minor

In the minor Artificial Intelligence, Business & Innovation you develop insights and skills on the intersection of the fields of artificial intelligence, management, and entrepreneurship. Aiming to integrate AI technologies with business strategies to drive business success, the focus is on programming, technology management, entrepreneurial innovation, and ethical considerations in AI applications. The curriculum is aimed at putting the teaching material into practice and is ideally suited for students who are considering a career in business and are interested in learning basic programming and AI.

The minor is open to bachelor students who are considering a career on the intersection of artificial intelligence and business or who are interested in entrepreneurship in a "AI-driven business". Students from the Bachelor Computer Science and Bachelor Data Science and Artificial Intelligence programmes are not eligible for this minor due to overlapping content.

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  • Studiepunten
    ECTS 30
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  • Startdatum

    1 september 2024

    • Einddatum
      2 februari 2025
    • Periode *
      Minor semester 1
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      15 mei, 13:00 - 4 jul 2024
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