Responsible Innovation


Over deze minor

The minor Responsible Innovation is a unique collaboration between Leiden University, Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University Rotterdam and is one of the oldest LDE minors.

Please note: This minor is offered for 15 EC (block 1) and 30 EC (block 1+2). The 15 EC variant is for students who cannot do the full 30 EC minor due to limitations in their bachelor program (mainly EUR students). All other students should register for the full 30 EC minor.

The programme offers in-depth insight into how responsible innovation can be accomplished and promoted. During this minor you will be introduced to the technical, managerial and socio-economic principles that govern innovation, and discuss ethical and other conditions for making the world a better place. You will learn how responsible innovation can be defined and analysed; how it can be conducted at the level of a project team, of a company and of an entire economic system; how to think critically and creatively and avoid irresponsible innovation. We will address the challenges and possible solutions to the problems such as increasing algorithmization of life, promises and risks of biotechnologies, ‘green washing’, inequality and a need for stronger citizen participation, energy crisis and environmental issues.

Work on a real-life innovation case study The unique component of the minor is an opportunity to work on a real-life innovation scenario in partnership with a company, a non-governmental agency or public organization. Among the continuous and past partners of the program are innovation hubs PLNT (Leiden), Green Village (Delft), The WorldStartup (The Hague), Municipality of the Hague, Hivos foundation, RHIA (Rotterdam The Hague Innovation Airport), In4Art, DCHI (Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation). Throughout the semester, together with peer students you will learn how to identify the problem correctly, design and evaluate possible solutions.

Benefit from LDE combined knowledge and skills In this minor, we combine the unique knowledge and skills of TU Delft, Leiden and Erasmus Rotterdam, with teachers coming from Law, Management, Philosophy, Humanities, Science and Technology Studies and Safety, Risk and Security. The students and teachers bring with them their own focus, expertise and perspectives, which helps to generate a valuable and inspiring atmosphere of interdisciplinary exchange. Exposed to a variety of points of views, knowledge traditions and practical methods you become empowered to foster your own creative visions and contribute to social change and innovation. Whether you see yourself as a potential change agent or want to explore the world of responsible innovation theory and practice, this minor is for you.

Goed om te weten

The application period for this (Leiden) Joint Minor is 15 May to 31 May for students of TU Delft and Erasmus University Rotterdam. The application period for University Leiden students is 15 May to 4 July.

This minor programme can also be followed for 15 EC. Register for this minor and contact the minor coordinator.

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  • Startdatum

    1 september 2024

    • Einddatum
      2 februari 2025
    • Periode *
      Minor semester 1
    • Locatie
      Delft, Leiden & Rotterdam
    • Voertaal
    • Inschrijven tussen
      15 mei, 13:00 - 4 jul 2024
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