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This course provides an introduction to the theoretical underpinning of social science research through which environmental issues can be studied. But what is the nature of social science research? How is it similar or different from natural science research? What are some of the dominant underpinnings of social scientific theories and how do they influence different theories and approaches? And how do these insights change the way we analyse 'concrete' environmental problems?
In this course, students learn about the important role of different social sciences theories for the analysis of environmental problems. To this end, students will apply different theories to an environmental problem in an individual research proposal, and discuss their implications for the understanding of the problem during lectures and tutorials.


After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:

  • explain the importance of theory for social-scientific research of the environment;
  • compare the lectured theoretical approaches for researching an environmental problem;
  • apply social-scientific theory to a specific environmental problem.


Assumed Knowledge:
ENP11806 Environmental Policy Instruments

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    ECTS 3
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  • Startdatum

    11 maart 2024

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      3 mei 2024
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      Period 5
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      1 jun 00:00 - 11 feb 2024
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