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Over deze cursus

The course presents a selection of transnational topics of non-contractual liability (tort law) in the Netherlands, the US and a few other national law systems. Statutory rules of tort law are treated as well as recent developments in case law and attention will be paid to the societal impact of tort liability (e.g. on private and social insurance and in terms of prevention of damage).The course consists of seven weeks in which the student will attend the lecture and the tutorial, beginning with an important Introduction into mass litigation for compensation and/or injunctions based on fault liability or strict liability (week 1), followed by thematic seminars in the field of – amongst other themes – Facebook litigation and data protection claims for compensation, defective product litigation concerning new industrial risks, public health litigation, damage distribution, mass torts, human rights and climate change claims. One course week is reserved to finalize the academic paper (part of the examination).Depending upon the number of students, there will be groups of approx. 25 participants of the tutorials, which will provide for an interactive discussion forum. The precise literature will be announced on Blackboard.

Place of the course within the curriculum:

  • Optional legal course


After this course:

  • the student has good knowledge and understanding of topics of non-contractual liability (tort law) that are relevant for, for example, commercial litigation and consultancy, such as knowledge of fault liability, privacy litigation and data protection claims, litigation concerning new industrial risks, mass torts, state liability, climate change litigation, public health claims and human rights violations, insurance issues, etc.
  • the student is able to form his own opinion through reading literature and case law, also of other jurisdictions (including European case law), academic writing and debating actively.


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    22 april 2024

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      14 juli 2024
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      Blok 4
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      30 okt 00:00 - 24 nov 2023
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