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This course offers you basic skills on the development of both teaching and communication skills to be prepared for your first lessons as an intern at a secondary school. Exercises prepare the students for short lessons that students perform for their fellow students. After each presentation or lesson, feedback is provided by both the teacher and the fellow students. During the course you will write a POP (Personal Development Plan), in which you reflect on your starting competences as a teacher.
NB: this course is part of the Minor Education and is integrated with an internship at a school. Note that if you are interested, you can contact the coordinator Piety Runhaar ( about six months before the actual start of the minor, so that the internship can be organized.


After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:

  • show enthusiasm about teaching at a secondary school;
  • describe their own preferences for certain didactic methods;
  • prepare lessons and explain to students learning outcomes and structure of a lesson;
  • apply learning outcomes at a secondary school;
  • give constructive feedback on the performance of fellow students and receive feedback on their.


Assumed Knowledge:
Becoming a Teacher Basic is the first part of the BSc Minor Education. At the same time you start your internship at a secondary school. This internship is mandatory in order to follow this course.

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    12 februari 2024

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      8 maart 2024
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      Period 4
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      1 jun 00:00 - 14 jan 2024
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