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Over deze cursus

This course aims to foster a multifaceted understanding of empowerment for sustainability, and to equip you to walk your talk of sustainability. Firstly, it engages you to explore conceptually the complex nature of (un)sustainability and empowerment, and to distinguish paradigms in terms of worldviews and mindsets impacting society and the environment. Secondly, it exposes you to your own agency and it supports you to uncover your potential through which you can contribute to sustainability endeavors within your sphere of influence. Thirdly, it enables you to cultivate qualities and capacities (competencies) for actively participating into the quest for sustainability and navigating its complexities, namely: reflexivity, perspective-taking, (worldview) communication, personal leadership, entrepreneurial mindset, emotional awareness, care and self-sustainability. This course integrates theory, reflexive thinking and actions.


After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:

  • explain and personalize concepts related to (un)sustainability, modernity, post- and trans-modernity paradigms, empowerment and agency related competencies;
  • understand their own agency and own competencies by creating and implementing a personal real life sustainability project of their own choice, within their own sphere of influence;
  • share and discuss their own personal real life sustainability project, related outcomes and learning process with clarity, inspiration and sense of ownership of own project.


Assumed Knowledge:
Basic knowledge in a social science field and in environmental and sustainability science

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  • Startdatum

    12 februari 2024

    • Einddatum
      8 maart 2024
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      Period 4
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      1 jun 00:00 - 14 jan 2024
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