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Central in this course are the main trends with regard to environmental management in the industry. The most important tools and concepts in environmental management, such as pollution prevention, environmental management systems, life-cycle management, environmental management strategies, industrial ecology and circular economy are discussed. Selected theories and models concerning environmental management, in particular the 4-stage model of environmental strategy, models of Corporate Social Responsibility, the organization theory of Mintzberg, and ecological modernization theory will be taught. In addition to explaining these concepts and theories, the course provides practice-oriented training on the basis of real life cases. Although the course primarily deals with industrial organizations, most of its contents also apply to other types of organization.


After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:

  • discuss central concepts and tools of environmental management;
  • explain selected theories with special relevance to environmental management;
  • analyse realistic cases on the basis of these theories;
  • develop feasible policy and management options with regard to environmental management in industry, on the basis of selected theories, concepts and tools.


Assumed Knowledge:
Basics of Environmental Science and Environmental Policy.

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