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Over deze cursus

At WUR we value your safety. Going into the field for an excursion or for observations/ measurments exposes you to specific risks some of which you'd take for granted while visiting nature or urban environments outside the university perspective. Things like traffic or uneven terrain seems something that you face on a day to day basis, but need a more strikt approach while facing them in a professional way. Furthermore infection prevention and social responsible behavior are topics that require specific attention. Therefore many measures are taken in order to facilitate a safe study in Wageningen. And although all these measures are in place still one of the most important factors for a safe stay is YOUR behavior and knowledge of these measures. Therefore the Fieldwork Safety course is mandatory for all students going into the field for their education.This course will introduce you to safe fieldwork during courses at WUR and will cover a range of topics:

  • how to prepare for fieldwork;
  • what risk can you be exposed to when working in the field;
  • golden rules for fieldwork.


After completing the course the student:

  • knows which basic safety rules apply to fieldwork;
  • knows how to prepare for the safety risks in fieldwork;
  • knows some basic risks that apply to working in the field.
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    1 september 2023

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      31 augustus 2024
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      1 jun 00:00 - 15 jul 2024
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