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Note: This course can not be combined in an individual programme with TOX20303 General Toxicology.

This course is compulsory for students in the second year of the BSc Food Technology. The course is taught by the Chair Groups Toxicology, Food Microbiology and Communication Science. During the course an overview will be provided of the various hazards in foods and their risks; toxins and contaminants, infections, foreign bodies, and allergens. Moreover the course provides an introduction into the basics of (food) toxicology. In groups the students perform a case study which involves a hazard analysis, being a part of the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point system (HACCP). Attention is also paid to the perception of risk, risk communication, the role of all stakeholders in food safety and communication between stakeholders.


After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:

  • understand how to select relevant hazards, associated with raw materials and food products for various groups in society;
  • use correct terminology of risks and hazards in food;
  • perform a hazard analysis and select critical control points according to the HACCP-system of a simple food production process that is described in detail;
  • understand the main toxic effects of compounds at organ level;
  • understand scientific literature describing toxic effects and use it for a toxicological risk evaluation;
  • identify the most relevant social psychological processes related to the perception of risks in the field of food safety;
  • show awareness of the most basic theoretical and practical aspects of risk communication;
  • recognize and understand the impact of food fraud.


Assumed Knowledge:
Basic knowledge of Food Microbiology (i.e. Food Microbiology, Basics in Food Technology or similar)

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    11 maart 2024

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      3 mei 2024
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      Period 5
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      1 jun 00:00 - 11 feb 2024
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