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We’re here to help with questions about following a minor at Leiden University. In case you have any questions that are not answered in this FAQ, please visit


Specific admission requirements are explained in the description of each minor here on eduXchange. There you will also find whether it is a selection or non-selection minor. In addition, please note that some study programmes only allow you to choose from a limited number of minors. This differs per university and per programme. How this works, and when it is best to ask permission from your examination board, is explained on the minor website of your own university. Go to minorwebsite Leiden, minorwebsite Delft or minorwebsite Erasmus.

Registration and deregistration

Registration for students from Delft, Leiden and Erasmus universities is via eduXchange.

Make sure you create an eduID first. You can see how to do this in this Manual How to create an eduID (PDF) and the help-page for extra information. Make sure to create your eduID before the registration date. This can be done today and will take only 5 minutes. Did you create an eduID last year? Be aware that you need to link it to your home institution again!

Once the application is open, you can register via eduXchange in a few simple steps. You can see how to do this in this video Getting started with eduXchange, and in this Manual Getting started with eduXchange.

For a selection minor, you will find the selection criteria in the minor description. For a non-selection minor, application is on a first-come, first-served basis.

For selection minors, you can apply between 2 April, 1pm, till 15 April.

For non-selection minors, you can apply from May 15, 1pm. In May, the three universities keep places reserved for students from the partners. After May, you can only apply for a minor from your own university, until the date indicated on the minor description page. More information on the post-registration periods can be found on the minor website of your own university (Leiden, Delft or Erasmus).

If many students want to register at the same time, you will enter a queue after clicking ‘Register’. You will see how many people are in front of you and how long you will have to wait.

When it’s your turn, you will have 10 minutes to register using your eduID. If you do not register within 10 minutes, you will lose your place in the queue. If your preferred minor is full, you can register for another one straight away. Watch the video Explore & register for your minor via eduXchange to see how it works, or check the Manual Explore & register for your minor via eduXchange.

You cannot deregister via EduXchange. Canceling your registration needs to be done via the university where you registered for a minor. If you are registered for a minor at Leiden University, check the minorwebsite Leiden on how to proceed.


First of all, check in the minor description what the start and end date of the minor is. Almost all minors take place in the first semester, but in which week the semester starts and ends can differ. Furthermore, be aware that a minor is full-time, so you cannot take other courses alongside it. Finally, a few minors continue into the second semester: if that is the case, you will find this in the minor description.

For more information check the Leiden University Academic year calendar page.

The timetable varies by faculty and sometimes by programme. Check the web pages of the faculty offering your minor.

Is your question not listed here?

On eduXchange under the heading 'good to know' or at the bottom of the minor description, you will find the contact details of the coordinator of the minor.

For more information and answers to other questions, visit