Offshore Wind Energy


About this minor

Wind energy is one of the most promising renewable energy sources. The sector is currently expanding fast offshore, through the installation of large offshore wind farms. The demand for wind energy professionals with a technical, economic and management background, and for specialists who also have a broad understanding of the sector, is huge.

This minor is an opportunity for students to explore this new branch of the wind energy sector, and to acquire an in-depth understanding of the technical and managerial aspects of offshore wind energy, as well as the future trends in the field. The courses focus on the link between developing new technology and the relationship with the social context.

Learning outcomes

After successful completion of the minor program “Offshore Wind Energy”, you will have learned to:

  • Acquire knowledge and skills in order to apply basic project management theory
  • Know how to work in a project environment and be familiar with project management tools
  • Acquire knowledge of offshore wind farm technology and of the related operations
  • Gain insight into project and asset management techniques and how to apply these to offshore wind farms
  • Gain insight into the economy of electrical infrastructures, especially the economic and social challenges of a future sustainable electricity supply
  • Be able to integrate the acquired knowledge and skills, including being able to reflect on the technical, economic and social prospects of offshore wind

Good to know

Registration for this thematic minor is on a first-come, first-served basis and available places. (No lottery draw).

This minor is for Bachelor’s students of AE, 3mE, CiTG, EWI, TBM and TNW.

Students are expected to possess sufficient prior knowledge in the fields of mathematics, physics and mechanics. Students that do not fully, but nearly, comply with the requirements may apply for admission, but permission to enroll will be granted on a case-by-case basis. Students will follow one and the same minor programme, without any subdivision into tracks. They are also expected to attain the same level of knowledge and skills (i.e. meet the minor exit qualifications) after completing the minor, regardless of their background.

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Teaching method and examination

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    ECTS 30
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