Co-creating a healthy society


About this minor

Please note: In 2024/2025, this minor is only open to students who master the Dutch language. Een deel van de cursussen in deze minor wordt in het Engels aangeboden. Voor een aantal onderdelen is Nederlands de voertaal.

This joint minor is offered in collaboration with Leiden University and Erasmus University. Activities will take place in Leiden, Rotterdam and The Hague.

Health inequities, obesity among children, loneliness, performance stress among youngsters. What are the drivers behind such ‘wicked problems’ and how might they be related? This minor offers you the possibility to work with societal partners to gain a deeper understanding of real-life problems.

In this minor we apply a so-called ‘challenge based learning’ approach in which societal partners present students with a specific challenge for creating a healthy society. Students with various backgrounds work in interdisciplinary teams in which they engage in fieldwork and start collaborations with external stakeholders, such as policy makers from the municipality, public health workers and residents.

Students will be equipped for this ‘learning by doing approach’ by learning skills for interdisciplinary and participatory collaboration, such as participatory action research, and for conducting qualitative and quantitative research to understand the dynamics of a healthy society. Moreover, teachers from different disciplines in Leiden, Delft, Rotterdam and the Applied Universities of Rotterdam, The Hague and Leiden will unfold the layers of a healthy society through the lenses of Psychology, Sociology/Anthropology and Governance.

Target Group

We welcome all students that feel inspired by learning from other disciplines and who are interested in issues with regard to health in a very broad sense, such as health, mental well-being, prevention, lifestyle and health inequities! This minor is open to all third-year bachelor students of the three LDE universities. In addition to this, we welcome students of the HSL, HHS, HRO and InHolland. This way, we aim for a unique interdisciplinary collaboration with students from various backgrounds to build strong cross-disciplinary teams. You will follow courses in Leiden, the Hague, Delft and Rotterdam (please check the information for each module), and will conduct fieldwork in the region. Please note that in the first year we open our minor for students that are proficient in the Dutch language to facilitate contact with the target population.

Good to know

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  • The application period for this (Leiden) Joint Minor is 15 May to 31 May for students of TU Delft and Erasmus University Rotterdam. The application period for University Leiden students is 15 May to 4 July.

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  • Credits
    ECTS 15
  • Level
  • Selection minor
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  • Start date

    1 September 2024

    • Ends
      2 February 2025
    • Term *
      Minor semester 1
    • Location
      Delft, Leiden & Rotterdam
    • Instruction language
    • Register between
      15 May, 13:00 - 4 Jul 2024
    Enrolment starts in 21 days
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