Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology

Behaviour and society

About this minor

Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology is a social science. Anthropologists investigate the ways in which people give meaning to different aspects of their life and the way they interact with each other, by looking at issues of diversity, gender, religion, economic and political behaviour, and use of (social) media. Students get acquainted with anthropological approaches to studying society by learning about (and practicing with) its research methods and its modes of representation.

Preparation for the Master CADS

Finishing this minor in combination with a bachelor degree in Social and Behavioural Studies, Cultural Studies, or Humanities from a recognised university (according to NUFFIC classification) will grant admission to the Master in CADS, for the specialisations “Global Ethnography” and “Sociology of Policy in Practice”. For admission to “Visual Ethnography” there is an additional requirement.

In cases when this minor is combined with other bachelor programmes the Admissions Committee CADS will decide on individual bases whether the student still has deficiencies that need to be bridged by an additional pre-master programme.

Good to know

  • This programme is spread throughout the year, with courses in each of the 4 blocks: 5 to 10 EC per block (15 EC per semester)
  • Students who wish to follow the 15 EC package also need to enroll for the whole minor, but register for fewer courses.

Link to more information

  • Credits
    ECTS 30
  • Level
  • Selection minor
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