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About this minor

The minor Global Affairs is built on two pillars of International Relations: International Security and International Political Economy. This minor aims to provide students with the tools and knowledge to understand the most important global trends and challenges. In the minor students will explore the relationship between geo-political shifts and power instruments in International Relations: in the political/ military as well as in the financial/economic domain. We will address the current situation in international diplomacy and the solutions it could or should provide in this radically changed environment which continues to change rapidly.

Geo-political shifts have great consequences in a variety of ways: the balance between regions, the roles of institutions, the use and development of international law or the use of power instruments. The minor aims to offer students a balanced package of courses in which theory and practice in this extended field of international relations are combined. The lecturers will confront students with their academic knowledge and their practical experiences. We will pay attention to global trends and challenges such as: the shift of political, financial and economic power to the East and its consequences for existing international institutions; climate change; the new role of media in global events; scarcity of energy resources and the commodity markets. It will address both inter-state and intra-state conflict, as well as post-conflict nation building.

Programme 2023-2024

The minor consists of 7 courses of 5 ECTS each and takes place during the first semester. The semester is divided into two blocks of eight weeks each. In every block, you need to follow three courses. In block 2 there are 4 courses offered, you need to choose 3. All courses in block 1 are mandatory. This minor is a consistent package of courses designed to help you build your knowledge in a logical and connected way. It is not possible to follow single courses and the minor needs to be completed in one academic year. If you have previously followed the minor and have not completed it, please contact the coordinator well in advance. It is possible to register for a 15 EC semi-minor consisting of the three courses offered in block 1, Gateway to Global Affairs, War and Media and The EU as an external Power.

Goals and target audience

This English minor programme is aimed at students who have a keen interest in, and are enthusiastic about global affairs, international relations, international political economy, international security and diplomacy. This minor is especially interesting for students from Public Administration, Political Science, Law and International Studies, but all students are welcome. The minor is accessible only for bachelor students who have obtained their ‘propedeuse’, HBO students cannot apply. As of academic year 2021-2022 students of the bachelor Security Studies will also be able to enroll in this minor. Unfortunately, they are not allowed to take part in the course Terrorism and Counterterrorism since the content is similar, fully or in part, to compulsory components in their bachelors programme. Even without this course it remains possible to obtain 30 ects within the minor.


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  • Credits
    ECTS 30
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  • Selection minor
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