The new minor offering from Leiden, Delft and Erasmus will be visible in early March.

Psychology: a comprehensive introductionOrganization logo: Leiden University

About this minor

This minor provides a representative and coherent overview of the entire discipline. It is representative because it constitutes a first acquaintance with the main currents and themes within psychology. It is coherent because it introduces students to the different psychological subdisciplines emphasizing their common elements.

Good to know

When students opt to only take 15 EC of courses, the following courses should be included:

  • Introduction to Psychology

  • Personality, Clinical and Health Psychology

  • Social and Organisational Psychology

For more information about the minor and the courses, see the link below.

Additional information

  • Theme
    Behaviour and society
  • Credits
    ECTS 30
  • Selection minor
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  • Start date

    4 september 2023

    • Ends
      5 juli 2024
    • Term *
      Minor academic year
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      16 May, 13:00 - 15 Jul 2023
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These offerings are valid for students of Erasmus University