Sustainable Urbanism: The Green-Blue City


About this minor

Dutch cities have to deal with urgent environmental problems. Climate change has become a visible problem in the urban environment of the Netherlands. Cities cope with heavy rainfall in short periods of time and heat stress occurs more often, even leading to more casualties. At the same time, it is clear that both the structure of our cities and their (public) spaces cannot be changed at will. They have a long term life span, creating a friction with necessary social and environmental changes. How to achieve this is the aim of this minor.

An important task of the urban planners and designers is to introduce and design sustainable urban interventions, creating future proof neighbourhoods within the framework of a green blue city. In the Sustainable Urban Design studio ‘Systems in the City’ of this minor a sustainable urban system design is the main subject. In this studio the minor students will develop system design proposals, in interdisciplinary teams. Focus in the studio is on concrete sustainable design exercises. The course Basic Techniques for Sustainable Urban Design will make the minor students equipped and prepared to perform well in the design studio. They will apply theory and use their knowledge background in the group design process.

Learning outcomes

The students will develop design proposals, in interdiciplinary teams. Focus in the studio is on concrete design exercises.

Good to know

Admissible students will be selected based on their BSc programme to achieve an even interdisciplinary group.

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Research and design studio, lectures, workshops, excursions and study groups. Part of the course is offered as distance learning course.

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