Business Administration


About this minor

The Minor in Business Administration teaches business knowledge and skills that are important for your future career. In many companies there is a need for people who link knowledge of their field to business knowledge and management skills. The minor Business Administration in combination with your own study offers you this this opportunity!

Among other things, the minor focuses on strategic, financial and marketing issues that can arise within organizations. The minor distinguishes itself in didactics by paying attention to (academic) skills, interdisciplinarity- and business knowledge that is important in your further career.

The interdisciplinary nature of this minor is visible through the diverse group of students and the wide range of subjects. In the working groups you apply knowledge to challenging business issues, for example in the field of entrepreneurship, marketing and change management.

This minor is offered by the Department of Business Administration, affiliated with the Faculty of Law. Our department employs enthusiastic teachers from various disciplines, such as entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, organization, strategy and behavioral sciences.

Given the structure of the program, preference is given to students who follow the full minor of 30 EC. If a student can fill a maximum of 15 EC elective space, the student must take the following course:

  • Entrepreneurship: Theory and practice (5 EC, semester 1, block 1)

In addition, students must take 2 of the following 5 courses:

  • Entrepreneurship: Theory and practice (5 EC, semester 1, block 1)
  • Marketing in the 21st Century (5 EC, semester 1, block 1)
  • Data analytics (5 EC, semester 1, block 2)
  • Strategy (5 EC, semester 2, block 3)
  • Corporate Finance (5 EC, semester 2, block 3)
  • Turnaround and Business Rescue (5 EC, semester 2, block 4)

These courses, once passed, will be shown as electives on your diploma.

Please note that you may only register for the courses and exams that are part of the minor you registered for. So please check in uSis that you pick the course number of the course that is taught in The Hague.

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  • Credits
    ECTS 30
  • Level
  • Selection minor
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  • Start date

    4 September 2023

    • Ends
      5 July 2024
    • Term *
      Minor academic year
    • Location
      Den Haag
    • Instruction language
    Enrolment period closed
These offerings are valid for students of TU Delft