Digital Humanities and Artificial Intelligence

Language and culture

About this minor

The Digital Humanities and Artificial Intelligence minor teaches BA students new ways to analyse and study cultures and languages and provides insight into how digital methods and artificial intelligence (AI) are changing our personal lives and societies. The programme provides an introduction to the critical application of computational methods and thinking in a wide range of humanities and social science subjects including linguistics, literature, history, the arts, religious studies, and media and area studies.

The minor offers two tracks to choose from:

  1. DH track: This track offers a diverse Digital Humanities toolset, including advanced information visualization skills, corpus linguistics, introduction to programming, and digital world building.
  2. Artificial Intelligence track: This track offers a deep dive into the theories and advanced methods, including statistics and machine learning, needed to work with and understand the AI revolution and how it impacts our cultures and societies at large.

A series of core courses in each track provide theoretical discussions of digital media and data as well as hands-on experience of a range of useful tools, such as Python, text analysis, visualization, database management, formal modelling, Wordpress, html and css, and more. Students will develop analytic, communicational and project management skills that have broad applicability and relevance for their future studies and careers. The minor includes a sixth, ‘Capstone’ course (Special Topics in Digital Humanities), in which students design and run a Digital Humanities or AI project related to their own interests under the close supervision of a staff member.

Good to know

Students can also opt for a 15 EC package of courses. This will consist of the Hacking the Humanities and two others of the core courses. The Special Topics ‘Capstone’ course is meant for those students who take the 30 EC package.

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There are currently no offerings available for students of TU Delft