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(Re)Imagining Port Cities: Understanding Space, Society and Culture (RIPC - 15EC)Organization logo: Delft University of Technology

About this minor

This joint minor is offered in collaboration with Erasmus University Rotterdam. Education may take place at several locations.

The 15EC (Q1) variant is only for students who cannot do the full 30 EC minor due to limitations in their BSc program (mainly EUR students). All other students should register for the full 30EC (Q1+Q2) minor.

Designing is imagining the future. In a time of climate change and multiple transitions, a ‘designerly’ attitude is needed more than ever. Understanding past practices, institutional frameworks and socio-cultural conditions is the basis for new interventions. In this minor, students link research and design from multi-disciplinary, cross-cultural perspectives with a focus on the future of Rotterdam Harbour. Students will develop the skills to identify and address the challenges that port cities are facing now and in the future.

Learning outcomes

In this minor you will work on a series of short design and research studies (Q1) and a design project (Q2), and learn to:

  • study (analyze and reflect) the historical, social and cultural context in port-city areas in relation to the present and the future
  • experiment (explore and test) with possible alternative future ideas, supported by the studies
  • take position as designer with regard to the future of port cities by choosing a theme or quality
  • elaborate the theme in a design at different scale levels, such as public space, street furniture and/or an urban vision.

Teaching method and examination

Lectures, design and research studies.

The minor consists of two courses (each a quarter) with lectures and tutorials in the (design) studio.

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Good to know

Make sure to register to the correct variant of this joint-minor. After the registration is closed you cannot change this anymore. The 15EC (Q1) variant is mainly for EUR students. Students are encouraged to register for the full 30EC (Q1+Q2) minor.

The groups will be divided as much as possible on the basis of equal numbers of students from Delft/Leiden and Erasmus.

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This joint minor is offered in collaboration with Leiden University and/or Erasmus University Rotterdam. This means education can take place in multiple locations. Want to know more about joint minors? Visit

Additional information

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  • Credits
    ECTS 15
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  • Start date

    4 september 2023

    • Ends
      11 februari 2024
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      Block MIN S S1
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