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The interdisciplinary minor American Studies (30 EC) offers a survey of U.S. history from the establishment of the first colonies on the North American continent from the establishment of the first colonies on the North American continent in the 15th century to 1865. We will read a number of texts in American literature, including Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography, Frederick Douglass’s slave narrative, Walden by Henry David Thoreau and key documents such as the Declaration of Independence. The courses in the second semester aim to deepen and broaden the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired in the first semester: you can choose to specialize in American history (track 1) or American literature and culture (track 2). Upon completion of this minor, you will have acquired basic knowledge of and research skills in U.S. history, culture and literature. Students who have successfully completed the minor in American Studies (30 EC) are admissible to the MA programme in North American Studies in Leiden, provided that they meet all other conditions for admission.

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