Airport Development


About this minor

The minor Airport Development is jointly organised by the faculties of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE), Civil Engineering and Geosciences (CEG), Technology, Policy and Management (TPM) and Aerospace Engineering (AE). The minor is aimed at engineering students from all bachelor programmes offered at the TU Delft, who are interested in the design, planning, management and operational aspects of airports.

Why follow this minor?
An airport operates in a competitive, dynamic, complex, and unpredictable environment. Development and growth of any large airport is to a large extent determined by its ability to balance business realities, long-term expansion requirements, and environmental and social demands. The minor Airport Development is oriented to those engineering students who would like to understand how airports are designed, planned and operated in such a complex and uncertain environment. The issues confronting airports, both at the operational and strategic level, are truly multi-disciplinary in nature. The minor Airport Development is able to cover the entire multidisciplinary field of airport development, planning and operation through clustering of knowledge from various branches of science and technology available within the TU Delft.

Learning outcomes

After successful completion of the minor program “Airport Development”, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the system concepts that address the technological, operational, logistic, economic, regulatory, safety, security and environmental problems associated with the development of airports.
  • Implement and integrate regulatory requirements and adopted international airport design standards
  • Understand and deconstruct the complex interrelationships and interactions among airport capacity, airport demand, policy changes, investments, and environmental issues and the effects that changes in any of these can have on airport profits and performance
  • Structure and formulate problems related to the design of airport airside and landside facilities and logistic processes
  • Deploy computer simulation software packages and information management systems used in industry in the planning and design of airports in order to generate and synthesize the information needed to support the decision making process
  • Creatively solve problems in airport design, planning and operation
  • Make informed tradeoffs among conflicting objectives and requirements of the various airport stakeholders and policy makers
  • Judge the right balance between economic, environmental and social interests in sustainable airport development.
  • Communicate, report and operate effectively as a member of a (multi-disciplinary) team.

Good to know

Registration for this thematic minor is on a first-come, first-served basis and available places. (No lottery draw).

The minor Airport Development is designed for all TU Delft students, and students from Leiden University and Erasmus University Rotterdam in the following programs: Econometrics and Operational Research (EUR), Informatics & Economy, Molecular Science & Technology, Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics. University level knowledge on linear algebra, calculus and probability and statistics is recommended.

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Teaching method and examination

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    ECTS 30
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