Digitalization and enterprise systems


About this course

  • Strategic importance of enterprise systems (and IT) as a resource in the era of digitalization: The strategic importance of the effective use of enterprise systems for digital transformation and innovation
  • Acquisition of enterprise systems: Main decisions in acquiring enterprise systems, business case development and evaluation.
  • Enterprise Systems Fundamental Concepts: Basic system types, history of digitalization, key components and properties of the specific types of systems (e.g., Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, etc.).
  • Management aspects of Digitalization through Enterprise Systems: Methods and approaches to enterprise system implementations, managing risks and critical success factors in EIS projects.
  • Architectural aspects of Enterprise Systems: Overall structure of enterprise systems software and its relation to business processes, and styles in enterprise systems provisioning (on-premise, cloud, SaaS).
  • Importance of enterprise systems for business intelligence.

Learning outcomes

After the course, the student is able to:

  • explain the key concepts of digitalization and enterprise systems

  • explain the strategic use of enterprise systems for digitalization

  • identify different aspects of evaluating and acquiring enterprise systems

  • distinguish different types of enterprise systems that are commonly used in organizations and explain their key characteristics

  • identify different architecture styles of enterprise systems,

  • discuss management-related aspects of enterprise system implementation and operation,

  • use basic functionalities of an enterprise system (SAP ERP) by going through some core business processes.

Required prior knowledge

You must meet the following requirements

  • Registered for a degree programme other than
  • HBO-TOP Applied Physics, Pre-Master
  • Completed none of the course modules listed below
  • Business information systems management (1BV20)

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    2 September 2024

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      27 October 2024
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