Culture and Society in Morocco


About this minor

During the Fall semester, NIMAR offers a multidisciplinary minor programme (30 EC) with a specific emphasis on humanities and social sciences. The programme provides up-to-date courses about Moroccan culture, society and languages, and a solid training in ethnographic research methods. The research methods part consists of 20 EC while 10 EC are devoted to course work on culture, society, and languages.

For students who want to gain skills in qualitative research (observation, interviews, visual and online research methods); NIMAR is the place to be. Students will gain research experience and learn how to design a research plan; and conducting their own fieldwork project. The minor includes an extended fieldwork period of five weeks during which students conduct their own qualitative research and practice their research skills. The minor offers an excellent preparation for writing a BA thesis and an MA studies in social sciences.

In combination with a training in ethnographic research skills, the programme consists of lectures and excursions related to Morocco, the MENA region and Africa. In addition, students choose between studying Moroccan Arabic and French.

The programme consists of:

  • A series of case studies on Moroccan culture and society, with lectures by Moroccan and foreign academics in disciplines such as sociology, anthropology, history, and political science. The lecture series include themes such as History, Civil Society and Politics, Cities and Countryside, Migration, Religion and, Gender and Minorities. It also includes excursions to various sites of cultural interest and social organisations in the surroundings of Rabat-Casablanca and a five-day fieldwork trip to the rural south of Morocco.
  • A “Methods of Qualitative Research” course, which familiarises students with research design and the main research methods such as participant observation, in-depth interviews, visual research methods and online ethnography. Weekly practical assignments serve as a step-by-step preparation for the students’ own research project.
  • An independent field research project during which students conduct their own ethnographic field research. Under the supervision of a lecturer, students carry out their research, learn data analysis as well as oral and written presentation of their research. They may do this individually, or in small groups of two or three students.
  • An intensive language instruction in Moroccan Arabic or French, mostly focused on verbal communication skills, including conversation classes.

Cultural activities are organised alongside the course curriculum, providing additional opportunities for students to enrich their experience and understanding of Moroccan society. Students are actively encouraged to travel to the various regions of Morocco during their stay in Rabat.

Good to know

  • It is a 30 EC minor that is taught in its entirety in semester 1
  • The minor is available for 15 EC under certain conditions.

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  • Start date

    1 September 2024

    • Ends
      2 February 2025
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      Minor semester 1
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