Coaching and training: theory and practice


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Coaching and training is all about facilitating learning for individuals and groups/teams. The knowledge and skills that are necessary for coaching and training are important for academic professionals who are going to support co-workers or clients.
Coaching is directed at fostering self-directed learning and personal growth. The coach aims at enlarging problem solving and self-regulating skills of individuals or teams. Coaching is more about asking the right questions than telling people what to do. Coaching involves working towards the goal the coachees have set for themselves in collaboration with the coach.
Training involves designing a learning environment (the workshop) for a group and to subsequently deliver this workshop to the target audience. A workshop aims at activating the participants to acquire knowledge, understanding and skills with regards to a given subject. When this is done in an effective way, the workshop facilitates change to achieve individual and organizational goals.
The course gives the opportunity to acquire experience with coaching and training. Students are asked to take on the different roles of coach and coachee, of trainer and workshop participant, because the change of perspective will lead to a deeper understanding of effective coaching and training. The theoretical knowledge about coaching and training helps you to place your experiences in a wider scope of reference and provides a framework to reflect on your learning process. Theory is used as a source of inspiration for the coaching process and workshop design and it is used to attain a well-founded self-reflection. Theory and practice combined lead to your own perspective on coaching and training.

The course will have English speaking groups and Dutch speaking groups. Contact hours will be on Wednesdays from 15 – 20.00h. You’ll need time for groupassignments outside of the contact hours.


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