Advanced Management and Marketing


Over deze cursus

The focus of Advanced Management and Marketing (AMM) is on strategic management and marketing. During your career you will deal with strategy and marketing plans; be it in a private or public organisation; being employee, employer, or self-employed. “As a technology driven company, we are short on business skills”. The research object in this course are decision-makers in a complex setting, appointed to solve complex problems. Do you recognize a firm’s capabilities that outpace competition? To convincingly argue on strategy, marketing, innovations and entrepreneurship later in life, you’d better now develop competences and skills on topics in strategic management and in marketing management!
Formally, AMM has the following aims:

  • be able to assess complex firm strategy and marketing problems by selecting the relevant concepts and methods and applying them to stakeholders, capabilities, markets, and customers;
  • be able to logically develop (marketing) strategy at different levels of analysis (PMC, Business Unit, Corporate, International);
  • be able to assess the implementation trajectory of the chosen strategies, and,
  • be able to understand, use and reflect on the concepts, methods and models provided.


The learning is in the cognitive domain, encompassing the various levels of complexity, from recognition to reflection. After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:

  • Judge the value of management and marketing models for decision-makers in companies;
  • analyse strategic options for business, corporate, innovation and international strategies;
  • analyse marketing plans for (new) products, brands and markets;
  • use cluster analysis, factor analysis, and conjoint analysis to guide marketing strategies;
  • use strategy concepts, considering the business environment;
  • explain and assess strategic positioning of companies; and
  • recall fundamental concepts, methods, tools and elements of management and marketing.

Veronderstelde voorkennis

Assumed Knowledge:
At the start of AMM, it is assumed you have mastered, at sufficiency level, the following courses: Management and Marketing (BMO24306); and Quantitative & Qualitative Research Techniques (YSS20306)/Quantitative Research Methodology and Statistics (MAT22306). When deficient you must compensate yourself, esp. with materials from/similar to the these courses.

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  • Startdatum

    6 januari 2025

    • Einddatum
      31 januari 2025
    • Periode *
      Period 3
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      1 jun, 00:00 - 24 nov 2024
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