Applied Information Technology


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Information and communication systems nowadays play a vital role in our society. The course elaborates on designing and managing these information systems, a major challenge for the managers of an organization.


After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
a) create a new business model that relies on the application of smart information technology, smart use of data, smart business processes and business cases
b) in the context of such a business model:

  • interpret, analyse and adapt data models and process models
  • understand the process of business intelligence analysis
  • apply information system architecture, characterize targeted customers, distinguish functionalities, plan realisation and implementation of IS
  • design and realize a simple e-commerce application as a showcase of the above
  • evaluate risk, ethical, and security issues related to IS

c) collaborate in all aspects of the above and perform peer evaluation

Onderwijsmethode en toetsing

The final mark for this course consists of a weighted average of 4 marks (M1, M2, M3, M4):

  • M1: incremental casework report (4 week assignments), group mark (30%);
  • M2: individual adjusted M1-mark, based on pass assignments + peer review quality (10%)
  • M3: practical assignment (25%)
  • M4: written closed book exam (35%).
    Each of these partial marks needs a minimum of 5.5 to pass.

Veronderstelde voorkennis

Assumed Knowledge:
BMO24306 and basic PC and Windows skills.

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