Environmental Toxicology


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This course gives an overview of different aspects playing a role in the challenging field of environmental toxicology. Toxicology itself already is very interdisciplinary, but environmental toxicology even adds (environmental) chemistry, earth sciences, biology of a wide range of species and ecology to this. The course is set-up as an integration between lectures, practicals, computer sessions, videos and excursion. The book 'Principles of Ecotoxicology' is used to develop a basis for the rest of the subjects in the course. About half of the lectures will focus on a variety of timely additional issues. In the practical part of the course you will use a set of experiments to identify two unkown chemicals based on their toxicity profiles. Applying a set of modern in vitro and in vivo assays you will address the toxicity of the unknown and compare this with literature data/ Based on this, the identity of the chemicals can be assessed. This will be presented both orally as well as in a small report.


After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:

  • summarise the most relevant terms, principles and methods in environmental toxicology;
  • distinguish the main sources and types of environmental pollutants and assess their potential environmental fate;
  • evaluate the characteristics of compounds, organisms and ecosystem for their consequences for environmental fate and effect propagation:
  • design and execute toxicological dose-response experiments in a comprehensive way and analyse and critically discuss the results (written);
  • create an experimental approach with meaningful endpoints to assess the environmental and human risk for a topical environmental contamination case.

Onderwijsmethode en toetsing

Assessment will be based on two outcomes.

  • exam: in this exam the theoretical base of environmental toxicology will be assessed, using multiple choice questions (60%);
  • practical skills: this will be tested with a written report and a group presentation. This will also include work attitude (40%);
    For both parts a minimum grade of 5 is needed

Veronderstelde voorkennis

Mandatory Knowledge:
ZSS06100 Laboratory Safety
Assumed Knowledge:
Prior to the course it is assumed that some information of the online text book Environmental Toxicology is read, i.e. chapter 1.1 Environmental Toxicology (!page-4124228) and 1.3 Short history (!page-4124230)

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  • Startdatum

    11 maart 2024

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      3 mei 2024
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      Period 5
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