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Note: This is a distance learning course. For campus students FPE-35803 + FPE-35903 can replace FPE-30306 Food Structuring.
This course aims at presenting ways to structure foods by processes involving deformation, e.g., emulsification or extrusion. Students will learn about the existing deformation-based processes for structured food products and get understanding about the relevant underlying physics. For instance, we will focus on the physical properties (e.g., rheology) of structured multiphase foods such as phase-separated biopolymer systems. Another main focus will be on the physical stability and functionality of food emulsions.


After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:

  • explain the current deformation-based processes used for the production of multiphase food products;
  • explain the relevant physics related to those processes;
  • design relevant deformation-based processes for structured food products;
  • explain the physical properties of liquid interfaces in multiphase food products;
  • analyse the relation between the physical properties and stability of structured food products and their structure at various scales.


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  • Food Structuring (FPE30306)
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