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At WUR we value your safety. Working in a laboratory environment exposes you to specific risks: you work with (very) harmfull substances that can cause serious injury or even death when not handled properly. Therefore many measures are taken in order to facilitate the safety of all present in laboratoria, from mandatory labcoats and a ban on eating and drinking to safe working guidlines.
And although all these measures are in place still one of the most important factors for a safe stay is YOUR behavior and knowledge of these measures.
Therefore the Laboratory Safety course is mandatory for all students working in a laboratory environment.

In this course you'll be introduced to working safe in the laboratories of WUR and cover a range of topics for working in our biological and chemical laboratories:

  • working with hazardous substances, including waste handling;
  • working with biological substances including genetically modified organisms and quarantine organisms;
  • working with infectious agents and human blood.


After completing the course the student:

  • knows which basic rules apply to working in a biological or chemical laboratory;
  • is aware of the urgency of proper chemical and biological waste disposal;
  • knows where to find the required information for chemical and biological waste disposal;
  • can find safety information for chemicals used by using safety symbols, H and P sentences and the MSDS;
  • knows how to use the safety and personal protective equipment available.

Onderwijsmethode en toetsing

To pass this course complete all e-learning modules and pass the online test (>= 5.5)

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