Developmental Psychopathology


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Language of instruction** : The lectures, exam and quizzes will be in English.

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In this course students are introduced to the general principles of the developmental psychopathology perspective. In this perspective, psychopathological disorders are seen as the result of normal development going awry, with a myriad of risk and protective factors at different levels of analysis (e.g., biological, psychological, social) affecting its development over time. Developmental psychopathology is discussed as existing on a continuum, ranging from low to high symptom severity, and students are encouraged to critically reflect on the boundaries between normal and abnormal child and adolescent development in their study of the literature. By the completion of this course, the student will have received knowledge and insight into the etiology and pathogenese of the discussed developmental psychopathological disorders. The role the child's and adolescent's social environment play in the development and intensifying of these disorders will be discussed as well as placing these disorders in the context of normal development. The students will also receive English lectures to help to prepare them in following international conferences. The study of (psychosocial) problem behaviors within the context of human development is the terrain of developmental psychopathology. The main focus of this class will be on factors (etiology) and mechanisms (pathogenese) that contribute to the development and continuation of developmental psychopathological disorders of children and adolescents. Additionally, attention will be given to macro- & microparadigma's of developmental psychopathology as well as other developmental models. Emphasis will be given to the complex interaction between social, cognitive, behavioral and societal factors involved in the development of these disorders. Additionally, problem behaviors that are not necessary disorders, but concern parents when bringing up their child and/or adolescent will also be addressed. The exam and quizzes are to test the student’s factual, conceptual and applied knowledge of the aforementioned aspects of developmental psychopathological disorders.

Language of instruction : The lectures, exam and quizzes will be in English.

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