This page helps with questions about orientation and registration on
Information about admission, scheduling and following the course or minor can be found via the FAQ pages of the participating institutions.

Orientation on eduXchange

You can find courses and minors from the six Dutch institutions for higher education who are currently participating.

Anybody can browse the courses and minors on eduXchange. The option to register via eduXchange is only available for students from the participating institutions.

If you indicate on the homepage where you are currently studying, you will see the offer available to you on eduXchange. These are the courses and minors for which you can register with just a few clicks.

Each institution has its own academic calendar with different start and end dates for courses, including the examination periods. See the institution pages for details.

Each institution follows a specific timeslot table. To learn in which timeslot a course is offered, visit the host institution’s course catalogue. See the institution pages for details.

Registration and Acceptance

An eduID is an account for users within education and research in the Netherlands. It is yours and exists independently of your educational institution. You oversee all your (personal) data, courses taken and grades. With eduID, you are recognized by your own institution, and you can also use it to identify yourself at another institution or to give permission to share data between institutions.

EduID is under development. In the future, you will be able to use eduID for many more things. For example, you can use eduID after your studies, as an alumnus, or during your studies, if you wish to follow classes at several institutions simultaneously. Please have a look at the webpage for more and the latest information.

It is recommended to use your default browser when creating your eduID and registration on eduXchange.

The currently-used digital student identity lives only within your own institution. It has no meaning before and after your studies, or for other institutions. In order to encourage flexibility and lifelong development, SURF has created eduID as an alternative. With eduID, we create a digital student identity across the borders of an educational institution, which also makes access to administrative and educational processes considerably easier. Think of it as a DigiD for education.

No, you cannot register via eduXchange. However, you can 'browse as guest' and check the website of the institution offering the course or minor to see what the possibilities are.

It is not possible to cancel your registration via If you would like to cancel your registration for a course or minor, please check the institution pages on how to proceed.

After you have registered via, you will receive a confirmation email from the host institution with more information.