Education and Information Communication Technology


About this course

Applications of 'Information and Communication Technology' (ICT) are evolving rapidly, and are finding their way into various educational settings. There is cause for both optimism and concern. Does technology help people learn, and if so: when and how? Is this an appropriate question? In this course, we look at developments of (educational) technology throughout history, and examine theories of learning and the way these theories apply to technology-enhanced instruction and learning. We discuss possible implications of these developments for learning and instruction. This course is a logical extension to the course Introduction to Educational Sciences. During the tutorial sessions, we will discuss the use of ICT tools and related concepts that you will prepare in home assignments. You will work on developing your own views, by working in a sub group on a long term assignment in which you can apply your ideas about ICT in education and by participating in discussions. We offer you recent academic literature, research, and insights. We wish you a pleasant and informative course.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • identify the developments in educational technology from a historical perspective (theories, practices, and research);
  • describe the implications of technological developments for learning and education;
  • analyze design models and tools used for technology-enhanced instruction and learning;
  • describe and discuss emerging (learning) theories and research on technology-enhanced instruction and learning;
  • formulate a vision on the developments and implications of technology-enhanced instruction and learning;
  • Apply ICT tools through the design of a learning environment.

Required prior knowledge

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    11 November 2024

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      31 January 2025
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