Introduction to Programming using Matlab


About this course

Period (from - till): 25 November - 11 December 2024 (BMS_P2_A).

Mariana P. Branco, UMCU Brain Center , Department Neurosurgery and Neurology

Course description
This course introduces computer programming to students with little or no programming experience. In this course the basics of programming philosophy, pseudocoding, programming algebra, indexing, programming syntax, logic and loops are given. Students will learn to program using MATLAB software.

Students must have a laptop with an installation of MATLAB 2022a or later before the start of the course. MATLAB with a student’s license can be obtained from

Literature/study material used :
Lecture slides and assignments will be provided by the docent. No book required.
All course related information including slides, exercises and assignments will be made available in MSTeams.

Course Design:
This is a full-time course. There are eight sessions in total from 10.00 till 12.45. Each session comprises of a lecture 10h-12h and a tutorial hour 12h-12.45h. Self-study is expected from 12h-17h. The course will be given hybrid. For latest info about place of the session please check MSTeams.
Session Date Time (Lecture + tutorial hour)

		Place					1			25-11-2024			10h-12.45h								2			27-11-2024			10h-12.45h								3			29-11-2024			10h-12.45h								4			02-12-2024			10h-12.45h								5			04-12-2024			10h-12.45h								6			06-12-2024			10h-12.45h								7			09-12-2024			10h-12.45h								8			11-12-2024			10h-12.45h			  

Course content
Session 1 Introduction to computer science
Session 2 Introduction to MATLAB environment
Session 3 Arrays, matrices and indexing
Session 4 Arrays, matrices and indexing (continuation)
Session 5 Logic and conditions
Session 6 Conditions and loops
Session 7 Good code practice and recap
Session 8 Hands-on

Assessment (3 EC)
This course is full-time course for 2 weeks. Students are expected to do self-study and solve home-assignments every day after each session. The deadline to submit home-assignments is the same day at midnight.
To pass the course the student must complete and submit 7 home-assignments distributed in the end of session 1 to 7. Submission of the home-assignments in MSTeams is mandatory but these will not the graded. Assessment consists of the submission of the 7 home-assignments and the submission of one individual final assignment that is will be graded.

Deadline for Final Assignment

Credits-hours calculator
3 ECTS = 84 hours

Lectures 2 hours x 8 = 16 hours
Self-study and assignments = 68 hours

In case of questions feel free to reach us at:
Mariana Branco
Anouck Schippers (TA)

Registration :
You can register for this course via here on the Students' site. Maximum 45 participnats.
Any questions can be asked to Mariana Branco (

Mandatory for students in Master’s programme :

Registration open for students from other programme's:

Prerequisite knowledge

Learning outcomes

During the course students:

  1. Learn what programming and programming philosophy are;
  2. Learn how to write and read pseudocode;
  3. Learn the basics of programming logic and workflow using Maltab;
  4. Learn the basics of algebra and indexing in Matlab;

Good to know

You will be enrolled for this course by administration of the programme of this course.

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    11 November 2024

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      31 January 2025
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      Period 2
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