Life Cycle Assessment


About this course

In this course students get acquainted with the methods used to assess the environmental impact of products from a life cycle perspective. The central topic is Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), a method with which the environmental impacts of products are assessed, starting from resource extraction and ending with waste management. Theoretical foundations of this method and developments in the methodology are addressed in the course. Examples and case studies will be discussed.

During the course, the students will get familiar with LCA principles, the methods used and recent developments in LCA methodology. They will also apply LCA with computer tools, using LCI databases, concluding their own LCAs and critically review existing LCA studies.

Students should be aware that mathematical and analytical skills (with excel) are required during the course, since LCA is a quantitative analysis tool.
This course is also suitable for Natural Science students (chemistry, physics, biology, …).

Learning outcomes

Please note: the information in the course manual is binding.
After completion of this course, the student will:

  1. Understand the role of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) as an environmental assessment tool
  2. Be able to carry out the 4 main steps of the LCA methodology:
  3. Goal definition and scoping
  4. Life Cycle Inventory Analysis
  5. Life Cycle Impact Assessment
  6. Interpretation
  • Gain insight of the up-to-date development of LCA
  • Analyze and compare the environmental impacts of two products, by applying the LCA methodology.
  • Be able to critically review LCA studies.
  • Be able to communicate LCA results in an effective form.

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Required prior knowledge

You must meet the following requirements

  • Completed none of the course modules listed below
  • Sc. & Techn. for sustainable development (SK-BCHDO)

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