Methods and Techniques in Social Neuroscience


About this course

This course offers an overview and covers the basic concepts and principles of the methods and techniques used in social neuroscientific research, which include electroencephalography, structural and functional neuroimaging, non-invasive brain stimulation, hormone administrations, eye scanning and measurements from the autonomic nervous system. This course will provide a basis for other courses including neuropsychology, biological psychology, clinical and health psychology, cognitive neuropsychiatry, and cognitive neuroscience.
The following topics will be addressed:
Functional electroencephalography, structural and functional neuroimaging, psychophysiology (e.g. startle reflex, skin conductance, eye tracking), non-invasive brain stimulation, psychoneuroendocrinology and integrative neuroscience.

Aspects of academic development
Written assignment and exam

  • Fundamental knowledge of methods and techniques
  • Data acquisition and signal analysis
  • Interpretation of data

Note: This course is the second out of four courses in all to make up the minor Social Neuroscience.
The entire course will be taught in English. This also includes assignments and exams.

Learning outcomes

			After completion of this course the student will be able to:  
	- provide a critical written commentary in academic English on published research papers  
	- use his/her knowledge on the basic principles and experimental designs underlying the methods and techniques used in social neuroscientific research to evaluate method sections in published papers  
	- explain the basic steps in lab practices and analysis of physiological data  
	**Relation between assessment and objective**   
	The written exam will test:  
	- fundamental knowledge on social neuroscience techniques, including task design, methodology and statistics  
	The written assignment will test:  
	- a critical stance towards the pros and cons of the social neuroscience techniques  
	- the quality of academic writing skills in the field of social neuroscience  
	- the student's capacity to formulate an opinion on design and interpretation of neuroscientific research

Required prior knowledge

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