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About this course

The course will basically focus on a number of key themes, which can change each year. Within each theme, the students will work on literature assignments and assignments preparing for the research proposal for the Research Project in Social Neuroscience.
Note: This course is the third out of four courses in all to make up the minor Social Neuroscience.

Learning outcomes

In this course, the link between techniques, research methods and the theoretical themes in the field of social neuroscience are analysed in-depth. In the seminars students train skills necessary to develop a research proposal in smaller subgroups for the subsequent research project.Relatie tussen de toetsen en leerdoelen (ENGELS):
Students complete assignments during the workshops that require integrating the theoretical themes of social neuroscience on one hand and research methods and techniques on the other hand by means of two sets of assignments.

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    5 februari 2024

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      19 april 2024
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      Period 3
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