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About this course

In this course, students will apply their educational skills in a real-life situation (small internship/practical), either in a secondary school, an institute for vocational education, higher education or non-formal education. 'Educational skills refer to either teaching/training skills, or educational development skills. As such, your project does not have to be restricted to teaching. Parallel sessions at university in which you meet your teacher and peers will support your preparations and reflections.

Learning outcomes

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
Formulate two types of learning goals:

  • at least one learning goal related to their professional development in the field of education;
  • at least one learning goal related to the type of task that needs to be fulfilled during the small internship/practical.

Prepare a project/task that fits to the pillar of education (i.e. teaching or educational development) their small internship/practical fits to by defining a main question or goal;

  • complete a project/task in the pillar of education their internship/practical fits by developing a product;
  • apply communication skills which enhance professional communication with direct colleagues at their internship/practical location and fellow students;
  • reflect on their learning experiences during their internship in perspective of the pillar of education their internship fits best (pillars are described under ‘profile of the course’) and draw conclusions to improve their performance.
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