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Personal Motivation Assessment

About this course

This short but clarifying course offers students an opportunity to increase their self-awareness. Who doesn’t want to study or work in a place that offers fulfillment and satisfaction? Working with a method for motivational analysis, students find out more about their intrinsic motivation. Knowing your motives serves as a compass to support making conscious study and career choices. Students develop insights into which criteria a study, internship, job or profession should meet in order to be able to study and work in a motivated way.

NOTE: This course is also offered as a MOS module called Identifying Your Motivation ELS-68300 (1.5 ECTS).
NOTE: This course overlaps with YNH-20301 (Personal Motivation Assessment BVG), YFN-20301 (Self Assessment for BBN students) and FTE-24806 (a part of the course engineering design). In these courses the same method is used and therefore this course cannot be followed by students who followed one of these courses.

Learning outcomes

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:

  • identify what really offers them fulfillment or satisfaction as a professional through listing what activities are meaningful to them;
  • find which contexts are motivating for them to work in;
  • investigate which particular topics/jobs fascinate them;
  • analyze which skills they prefer to use and develop;
  • explain their motivational compass and match related study and career choices;
  • reflect on their learning process and insights taken from the course.

Teaching method and examination

  • active participation in the lecture, training, presentation (mandatory, Go/No Go);
  • an individual reflective assignment (100%).
    A minimum grade of 5.5 is required to pass the course.
    When an insufficient result is obtained, students have 1 opportunity per academic year to resubmit their reflection report. They can do so at the end of each period this course is taught. Only for students participating in Period 6, an additional option to resubmit is before August 15.

Required prior knowledge

You must meet the following requirements

  • Completed none of the course modules listed below
  • Engineering Design (FTE24806)
  • Self Assessment for Nature Conservation (YFN20301)
  • Identifying Your Motivation (ELS68300)
  • Personal Motivation Assessment BVG (YNH20301)

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