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About this course

This course aims at a better understanding of people's social nature based on the theories and explanations that represent the state-of-the-art social psychology knowledge. Students will become acquainted with (basic and applied) approaches (that deal with social perception, self-presentation, attitude formation and change, social pressure and prejudices, as well as moral and group behavior, and consumer behavior) and how these can be applied to human-technology interaction. Thereby students will also bridge the gap between theory and potential applications by discussing theory and research findings are applied to the domain of human-technology interaction (e.g., developing a Persuasive Technology that employs these insights).

Additional test information:

  • Students will all present (a part of) one of the theories in the course, and provide a link to possible applications. This counts for 15% of the final grade.
  • Students will submit discussion points in which they discuss one of the theories and describe an application of this theory (average grade of the discussion points counts for 30% of the final grade).
  • A final exam with mixed open and closed questions in which knowledge of the theories and how they are connected to each other will be at the end of the course (55%).

Learning outcomes

After completing this course, students are able to

  1. Describe the most important theoretical models and findings in social psychology.
  2. Describe boundary conditions of each of these theoretical models.
  3. Evaluate the differences between these theoretical models.
  4. Describe applications of the different theories in a HTI context.
  5. Critically reflect on the theoretical models and the applications.
  6. Present about social psychological theories and findings.

Prior knowledge

You must meet one of the following collections of requirements

  • Collection 1
  • Completed Final examination Bsc program
  • Completed all course modules listed below
  • Social and environmental psychology (0HV30)
  • Collection 2
  • Completed Pre-Master
  • Code
  • Credits
    ECTS 5
  • Contact coordinator
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  • Start date

    22 april 2024

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      23 juni 2024
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      Block GS4
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      15 Nov, 00:00 - 24 Mar 2024
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