Applied Data Skills


About this course

This course provides an overview of applied data skills. Students will learn the basic skills required to import data into statistical software to create graphical representations of information, summarize data patterns, and draw inferences from large datasets. Students can retrieve data from public data sources (for example, through API’s), clean and restructure data, and create dynamic dashboards that communicate data to users. The course will introduce learners to R, a programming language that can help automate working with data, git, used for version control, and other tools that enable reproducible data analysis.

Learning outcomes

  • Being able to analyze data in a reproducible workflow

  • Being able to preprocess and clean raw data files

  • Being able to visualize, summarize, and interpret data

  • Being able to generate and plot data randomly sampled from common distributions

  • Being able to explain basic concepts underlying data distributions

  • Understanding statistical inferences related to estimation and standard errors

  • Being able to program a dashboard that visualizes and summarizes data.

Required prior knowledge

You must meet the following requirements

  • Registered for a degree programme other than
  • HBO-TOP Applied Physics, Pre-Master

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  • Credits
    ECTS 5
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  • Start date

    3 February 2025

    • Ends
      6 April 2025
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      Block 3
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      15 Nov, 00:00 - 5 Jan 2025
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