Built environment project for PT and SI


About this course

In a single building design assignment, with increasing complexity and changing scale levels.
The design assignment will be assessed twice by means of a report: a midterm conceptual report and a final endterm report.
Besides the design assignment workshop will be held to exercise basic building design skills in order to use these within the design assignment.

Learning outcomes

To analyse, execute and evaluate a single building design assignments including aspects of urban design, architecture and building technology practicing basic building design skills, design methods and assessment methods.

Required prior knowledge

You must meet the following requirements

  • Enrolled for one of the following degree programmes
  • Psychology & Technology
  • Psychology & Technology
  • Sustainable Innovation
  • Registered for a degree programme other than
  • Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences

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  • Start date

    21 April 2025

    • Ends
      22 June 2025
    • Term *
      Block 4
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    • Instruction language
    • Register between
      15 Nov, 00:00 - 23 Mar 2025
    Enrolment starts in 115 days
These offerings are valid for students of Utrecht University