Entrepreneurial marketing


About this course

How do you sell an innovative product to a market that does not yet exist? Entrepreneurial businesses often create products and services based on radically new technology that have the power to change the marketplace. Existing market research data will be largely irrelevant in these cases, making sales and marketing of innovative new products especially challenging to entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurial Marketing focuses on this challenge. Classic core marketing concepts, such as segmentation, positioning, and the marketing mix undergo an 'extreme makeover' in the context of innovative products hitting the market. In the course, we will discuss concepts such as principles of affordable loss, experimentation, and adjustment for emerging opportunities, as well as cooperation with first customers. Entrepreneurial Marketing provides a vital guide to successfully developing customer demand and a market for innovative new products.

In the lectures, the first hour will be used to present theory. In the second hour, a group class exercise will be conducted in which the theory of the first hour needs to be applied. In group assignments outside the lectures, students need to apply the learned theory and skills to a specific business opportunity.

Learning outcomes

This course equips advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students of marketing strategy, entrepreneurial marketing, and entrepreneurship with the fundamental tools to succeed in entrepreneurial activities.

Learning objectives

After the course, students are able to apply the core principles of the effectual approach for entrepreneurial marketing

After the course, the students are able to discuss mechanisms for stimulating adoption and overcoming network effects

After the course, students are able to identify necessary commercial firm competencies, in relation to the development phase of the firm

After the course, students are able to select business opportunities under technology uncertainty

After the course, students are able to apply the methods of segmentation, targeting and positioning to maximize the value of the new application

After the course, students are able to develop a marketing and sales plan bottom up, in context of limited resources

Required prior knowledge

You must meet one of the following collections of requirements

  • Collection 1
  • Completed Final examination Bsc program
  • Collection 2
  • Completed Pre-Master

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