Health information systems


About this course

As from 2023-2024 scheduled in Quartile 2 timeslot D

The course provides an introduction to major information technology and information management functions within our modern health system. Health data, information and knowledge is reviewed, and functionality of various systems that use this information is discussed (e.g. electronic patient records, computerized provider order entry, etc.) Process-aware information systems in the healthcare are also discussed, as well as advanced business intelligence, clinical decision support and management information systems for the healthcare. In addition to the technology, methods for acquisition, implementation and management of healthcare information systems are considered in the remainder of the course.

The lectures are interactive. Classical teaching is interchanged with plenary discussion, group discussion and small targeted assignments. It is expected that the students are prepared for the lecture by studying the relevant material beforehand. During the assignments, students obtain hands-on experience in designing, evaluating and managing health information systems. Practice lectures are coupled to the assignments and are meant to discuss the assignments. To reassure that group members contribute equally to the assignments, we collect peer reviews (e.g., Feedbackfruits’ Group Member Evaluations), which may be reflected in the final grade.

The second group assignment conceptually serves as the final exam. Therefore, this assignment is more elaborate than the first assignment and includes pitching your work to an evaluation committee (i.e., together with your group members).

Learning outcomes

After following this course, the student is able to

  • state the information technology functionality that is needed in healthcare;
  • distinguish between different forms of health data and information;
  • reflect on the information needs and requirements of healthcare institutions;
  • discuss the role and methods of IT management and governance in our modern health system;
  • provide an overview of the health information technology landscape in the Netherlands and in Europe;
  • discuss and evaluate different information management approaches in the healthcare sector.

Required prior knowledge

You must meet the following requirements

  • Registered for a degree programme other than
  • HBO-TOP Applied Physics, Pre-Master

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    11 November 2024

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      19 January 2025
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      Block 2
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