Innovating by design


About this course

The course is directly related with the areas of consumer behavior and research, user centered design, design driven innovation, and the marketing and sales of new products.

Learning outcomes

  • The primary objective is to become familiar with the importance of customer driven innovation and creating customer value that goes beyond the value offered by competing products currently available on the market.
  • The second objective is to let students experience the hands-on practice of "innovating by design", by creating new concepts for care systems in local communities, and using the appropriate theories and methods for such practice. The aim is to stimulate students to think "out-of-the-box" and thus to consider radically new pathways that go way beyond benefits delivered by current product on the market.
  • The third objective is to let students reflect critically on the value of radical, design driven innovations, and enable them to make explicit comparisons between these radical innovations and existing products. It implies that students should be able to argue their case engaging in a normative argument with an audience about the pros and cons of their concepts. Further, they are required to reflect on the path traveled and thus methodology used.

Specific topics and skills learned include:

  • Cultural probing
  • Identifying new customer values
  • Develop radical new design
  • Evaluate and optimize a radical new design
  • Reflect on the application of this approach

Required prior knowledge

You must meet the following requirements

  • Registered for a degree programme other than
  • HBO-TOP Applied Physics
  • Completed all course modules listed below
  • New product marketing (1ZEUA0)

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    3 February 2025

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      6 April 2025
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      Block 3
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      15 Nov, 00:00 - 5 Jan 2025
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